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"Hilarious, smart, moving and kind, Laurentian Divide is good for the soul, or anyway, it was good for mine."  Richard Russo

“With a nimble hand and wry voice Sarah Stonich pilots this generous tale…incisive and musical, spiced with pungent observation, so that Laurentian Divide becomes the best sort of trip…” 
Leif Enger, author of Peace Like a River and Virgil Wander

"Laurentian Divide is rich, funny, and overflowing with life—Sarah Stonich at the top of her powers.”
Will Weaver, author of Sweet Land

“There aren’t many writers on the planet who can take a reader’s heart apart and put it back together again with the sureness of Stonich, who does exactly that over and over again in Laurentian Divide, her best yet. Funny and wise in equal measure, here’s a novel for everyone. What a treasure.”
Peter Geye, author of Wintering

From the publisher
: In the second volume of her Northern Trilogy, Sarah Stonich reassembles characters that endeared Vacationland to so many readers: retired union minor and widower Alpo Lahti is about to wed his disarming spring bride, but with a local character unaccounted-for, celebration seems premature to Sissy Pavola. Alpo’s son Pete struggles to find his straight and narrow, then struggles to stay on it. Weaving in and out of each other’s reach, trying hard to do their best – and wondering what that might be – Stonich’s characters in all their sweetness and sorrow remind us once more of the inescapable lurches of the heart and unexpected turns of our human comedy.

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