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Fishing with Rayanne by Ava Finch


I am not entirely myself. Haven’t we all felt that way? Recently I’ve adopted a pen name - a nom de plume if you want to get French. Meet my soul-sister Ava, whose first novel will launch in early November with Lake Union. ‘In her buoyant debut novel, Fishing With RayAnne, Finch gives us RayAnne Dahl, a former fishing pro who lands out of her league in the driver’s seat as host of the first all-women fishing talk show on public television.’

Poignant and honest, funny and wise, Fishing with RayAnne is a novel to cherish. Populated with authentic and engaging characters, written with style and ease. I loved every moment I spent with this delightfully witty, refreshingly progressive read.
–Marissa Stapley, author of Mating for Life

Ava Finch 

  Ava Finch






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